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I welcome you to visit my website at www.JZBcoaching.com.

Looking forward to keeping in conversation with you!


One Response to “Welcome!”

  1. Erika Levasseur Says:

    Jen, congratulations on your new website!

    As one of your first (and I daresay pickiest!) clients, I can attest to your exceptional skill as a coach. Over the past years that we have worked together, both my personal and professional life have changed SO quickly and exponentially. Your coaching has been instrumental in my successes and learning experiences during this time of incredible growth and change.

    As I developed as an expert and trainer in coaching skills, I was worried that I would not find a perceptive, quick-thinking, skilled-enough coach to depend upon for my own learning. But you have not disappointed! No matter how much had happened in my life from one week to the next, you never ceased to enter our coaching calls able to quickly meet me in my thinking, stretch me, and help me come to exactly the insight or breakthrough in thinking I needed to move forward powerfully. I cannot speak highly enough of your perception, your ability to support my best thinking, and your perfectly-tailored coaching skills.

    I am so pleased to hear that more people might learn more about your coaching services here. I look forward to the first newsletter, and of course to our next session.

    Erika Levasseur
    Principal, Levasseur & Associates
    Senior Consultant and Trainer, Results Coaching Systems

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