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The Ultimate Packing List

December 18, 2007


Never forget another thing…

  • Do you love to travel, but dread packing?
  • Do you put off packing for as long as possible, only to feel rushed in the end?
  • Do you sometimes have that nagging feeling that you’ve forgotten to pack something important?

Fret no more. Just in time for the holidays and winter getaways, I’m sharing my ultimate, foolproof packing list. In the 20 years I’ve used it, it has never let me down!


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Distraction is your ticket.

Distraction is one of the best antidotes to fear. The human brain has a hard time focusing on more than one thing at one time, so the best thing you can do is capture your attention elsewhere. By asking your brain to focus on manageable tasks in the present, you make it harder for your brain to generate fear-producing thoughts.

If you feel anxious about flying, try the following quick tricks to make your flight easier:

1) Sleep, if you can.
2) Draw the window shade so you can’t look outside. Ask your neighbors in front and behind you if they’d do the same.
3) Catch up on office work.
4) Do puzzles (crossword puzzles, Sudoku, travel games). Puzzles will hold your attention better than reading, watching movies, or listening to music, but these activities can be helpful, too.
5) Talk with the person next to you. Again, it can be a good distraction, but be respectful.
6) Do the opposite of what your fear compels you to do. If you’re the type to stay glued to your seat with hands clenched, get up and walk around a bit.
7) Do not wait for the fear to hit to begin distracting yourself. If you start to get anxious at home or in the airport terminal, start practicing your distraction techniques early.

Click here for more resources on conquering fears.

In addition to my work as a personal coach, I also work privately with clients as a certified phobia counselor. I am glad to answer questions and share more information about life-changing resources available. Please feel welcome to contact me.

To happy holidays, safe travels, and wonderful adventures!

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