The Complete Job Interview Checklist

How great would it be to avoid oversights or last-minute rushing before your next job interview? Well, now you can! Access The Complete Job Interview Checklist here. I’ve designed this checklist to be a quick tool for getting materials in order “the morning of” — so you can feel relaxed and prepared, knowing you won’t forget a thing. It comes in handy for business meetings, too!

My hope is that this checklist proves useful to you, allowing you to walk into future interviews and meetings with confidence and enthusiasm (two ingredients that count far more than any others on this list).

With cheer!
Click for The Complete Interview Checklist

p.s. If you know someone who might find The Complete Job Interview Checklist helpful, please share it. You may wish to print it and store it with your good resume paper…(you’ll be glad to discover it when the time comes). The checklist is a
PDF document. If you have trouble accessing it, download Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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